This is the story of my '64 Vespa 150 - how it became mine and how it has given me a new vespatude.  I'll be recording the neat places I visit, the different things I do to make the Vespa my own, and - oh yeah - those reactions I get from both friends and strangers.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Be sure to sweat the little things
Okay, I couldn't help it. I had a break in things I needed to do and decided to see if I could get that cylinder off. Sure enough, I dropped the engine a little farther down on the pivot and I was able to slide the cylinder wall right off. This is what I found...

Thankfully, all of the fragments stayed in the piston ring grooves. I also checked the cylinder and found it is not pitted or scratched. Wow, did I get lucky. I'm glad I turned it off before something worse happened.

I just finished ordering two piston rings from SCOMO - Scooterworks was out of stock on the 57.8 mm rings that I need. Since I ordered it on a holiday, I don't know when I'll actually get the parts. Patience... it is one virtue that I have really been able to practice with this Vespa!

If only I had sweated the little things and made sure those piston rings were lined up correctly!


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