This is the story of my '64 Vespa 150 - how it became mine and how it has given me a new vespatude.  I'll be recording the neat places I visit, the different things I do to make the Vespa my own, and - oh yeah - those reactions I get from both friends and strangers.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006
My Vespa needs to get blasted!
Well, I didn't get my pixel pages completed yesterday. I was trying to download the site to my machine so I could work on it in Dreamweaver. For some reason the connection kept dropping and it took FOREVER! I wasn't able to finish the code before I gave up and went to bed. I'll try again this evening.

I did find out that I am not supposed to be seeing weld marks on my gas tank. CPhilip in a town near by says he will bead blast it for me so we can see what's going on underneath that silver paint. I've just got to find a chance to get it down there to him and we can see where to go from there.

A new gas tank would set me back about $80 dollars. I may have to just limp through for awhile. The funds are a little low this summer. The beautiful red head isn't teaching and our cash flow always gets a little tight in the summer months - especially when I got socked with some big expenses in April. She has some projects she wants done around the house and discretionary income is going that way.

That is one of the reasons why I am starting up my new engine page. It would be awesome to be able to get that new engine in before September. By then I should even be able to put in a new tank while I am at it.

That's great news (about the help with the bead blasting). Once your pixel site is up drop me a line and I'll gladly help a brother out dot com!

I'll be away to Australia and Korea to attend two conferences, so I may not be checking your website to reqularly. So, simply stop by my page and leave a comment when your engine page is up and running. I seem to remember that you were going to set up a PayPal option right?


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