This is the story of my '64 Vespa 150 - how it became mine and how it has given me a new vespatude.  I'll be recording the neat places I visit, the different things I do to make the Vespa my own, and - oh yeah - those reactions I get from both friends and strangers.

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Friday, May 12, 2006
The Vespa is running!
YES! YES! YES! Heebie is running and while I still have to play around with the gears a bit, the only thing that doesn't seem to be working right now is the speedo. I'm not worried about breaking the speed limit right now, so that isn't that big of a deal.

Once I got the bike running okay, I headed out on the road. I went through Cleveland Park, by County Square and then around to the West End Field. What a night! As I neared the field, the game was just getting underway. It is a beautiful stadium! I drove around the stadium and then turned onto Main Street. As I did so, I saw a HUGE full moon above the stadium. Man, I wish I had thought to bring my camera!

I then drove down Main Street into the heart of the city. If I got a few looks with my Vespa on a normal ride, I got loads of them tonight because I have the side car reattached. Almost everyone I rode by took a look. Some faces seemed to say, "What is that?" Some indicated, "That is cool!" I didn't see a single look that told me, "What a joke!"

The blue line shows the route. Click here to expand the map. The bubbles are different locations that figure into my Vespa chronicles.

I thought I would show my Wayfaring map again. With it you can see some of the places that I am writing about in the blog. Click on the West End Field bubble (9) to find a link.


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