This is the story of my '64 Vespa 150 - how it became mine and how it has given me a new vespatude.  I'll be recording the neat places I visit, the different things I do to make the Vespa my own, and - oh yeah - those reactions I get from both friends and strangers.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Hail stones and Vespa
The other day I decided to go around Greenville and take some pictures of the city for a new employee orientation session that I am in charge of at the University. I thought it would be nice to use the Vespa as my mode of transportation.

While in Cleveland Park, the wind started to pick up. You can't see it too well in the above photo, but to the left there is a front moving in with some pretty dark clouds. I knew we would be in for a big one.

By the time I made it back to the scooter from taking pictures of the Zoo, the wind was kicking up so much dust that it was going around my glasses and getting into my eyes. It made it pretty hard to see. As got out on the road heading for home, I had to dodge a branch that fell.

Here is where I wished I had not put the sidecar back on. With my 150 cc engine, you have a really hard time getting up hills - it isn't exactly great on flat ground either! It was pretty slow going as I watched the storm get closer and closer.

Just as I got near my home, huge rain drops began to fall. I could hear them splattering on my helmet. I pulled in, jumped off and went inside and the bottom let out! Not only did rain start pouring down, but hail stones started bouncing all around. One minute more and I would have had more than rain drops bouncing off my head!


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