This is the story of my '64 Vespa 150 - how it became mine and how it has given me a new vespatude.  I'll be recording the neat places I visit, the different things I do to make the Vespa my own, and - oh yeah - those reactions I get from both friends and strangers.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006
The best modification yet!
I spent a little time working on the Vespa today. I also took it for a ride to my business partner's house. He lives up on Paris Mountain and is having a deck installed by his backyard pool. I went to check it out and to show him that the scooter would make it up there!

Here you will see one of the most important modifications I have made yet.

Can't see it? Well, look a little closer...

Yep, I've figured out a way to hold my Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup. After I left Dan's house I swung by Dunkin' Donuts to get me a large coffee. Of course, I wanted to drink it at home. So I put this little cup holder in the front compartment and loaded 'er up. Now, you have to make sure that you have the door well latched and locked! Otherwise, you will dump your coffee all over you. Not a problem this time, I made it the four or five miles from the donut shop without a major problem. Too bad I can't drink and drive!

Well, I'll close up for now. It was a beautiful day (sunny and 63 degrees). Greenville is just wonderful this time of year!


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